What we do


Thinking Alliance offers thoughtful solutions to individuals and organisations wanting to build better working lives.

We find that our clients can create better working lives when they are able to think things through to achieve clarity of direction, and then take action which builds on their strengths and preferences. Our coaching, workshops and consultancy all combine time to think with focused action planning. We can also help with issues such as confidence and communications which might get in the way of success.

Every engagement is unique, because we know every client has different strengths, challenges and aspirations. We also know how important it is to give you the best possible value by focusing closely on what you want to achieve.


One-to-one coaching helps you identify and commit to the actions which lead to professional and personal success. Our external, independent perspective allows you to think fully and explore all your options.


Team coaching and facilitation can help you and your leadership team think together to capitalise upon each others’ diverse values and strengths for business success.


Our bespoke workshops help you and your team think through how you can work better together. We focus on better conversations, better meetings, and how to create a better, more productive working day.


When organisations wholeheartedly and consistently support better working lives for their people, business success follows. We can help you establish a solid foundation with your people, setting things up for better thinking, better communication and strengths-based, resilient action.

Coaching Outdoors

Coaching can be even more inspiring when it happens outside. The addition of movement and natural surroundings can bring entirely new perspectives to the issues you’re facing. You’ll return to your desk refreshed and motivated.