Thinking For Yourself


Pausing to think for yourself may be the best antidote to our overwhelmingly busy times.

Our coaching sessions offer a calm, safe space for you to explore emerging thoughts, reflect purposefully, tap into your strengths and decide what to do next.

We’re passionate about helping people think well for themselves!

We bring the Thinking Environment™ to every conversation, placing you and your thinking at the forefront. We offer a range of coaching solutions, perhaps you might like:

Coaching Programmes

Clarity and progress supported by space to think, reflect, dream and plan

Half day coaching

Breakthrough thinking on important
decisions and goals

“ If someone told me what to do with my business or my life, I’d really hate it. Here, I can think it through for myself ”

Community Interest Company owner

Coaching programmes

A series of coaching conversations giving you time to think through significant moments in your work and life, experiment and reflect on progress, and develop confidence in thought and action. We can work face to face, online or outdoors.

  • Over four to six sessions, you could prepare for promotion, consider a career change or develop a better balanced life. Or simply commit to some much-needed thinking time as a respite from your busy schedule.


  • If you want, we can include a strengths assessment to help you find the qualities you can reliably draw on for confidence, resilience and achievement.

What would you like to accomplish in our time together?

“ Working with Katie has been a career game-changer for me and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Beyond her wide range of technical skills, she is an engaging person who is extremely candid -- in the best and most helpful way possible. She is a creative thinker but also very solutions-focused and pragmatic. I've sent several other people her way who similarly want to develop themselves and benefit from her expertise ”

Career changing professional

Half-day Coaching Session

An extended coaching session where you can think all the way through a particular issue and develop a clear plan. Time to think deeply, explore possibilities and set your intentions. We can work face to face, online or outdoors.

  • A good option for time-critical thinking if you have a crucial interview or significant conversation coming up
  • Give yourself time to think round all the corners before taking a big work or life decision
  • We can add a strengths assessment to help you understand how to use your unique blend of qualities, skills and experiences to shape a path that’s right to you

If you knew you are a wise, resourceful and capable person, what would you do?

If you like, we can take some or all of these conversations outside

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Thinking Alliance founder Katie Driver | 
Photo by B. Lydum