Thinking Alliance Business Coaching in London UK
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Thinking Alliance

Coaching, workshops & consultancy for a better working life

Thinking Alliance helps individuals, teams and organisations create better working lives. We offer business coaching, workshops, facilitation and consultancy which focus on: 

Better Thinking

replacing overwhelm, uncertainty and fear with focus, clarity and courage

Better Action

bringing energy and success by playing to your strengths and using time well

Better Communication

building great relationships and inspiring others

Better Balance

adding resilience, creativity and perspective to the mix

Coaching, Training and Consultancy for a better working life

Who We Work With


If you’re struggling to develop your business, maybe it’s time to pause for thought. Thinking Alliance can help you regain clarity of purpose, tap into the strengths which energise your actions, and work out how best to communicate with the people you need on board. We can help you step up as a leader and our workshops help you to get the best from your growing team.


If you’re at a life or career crossroads, Thinking Alliance can help you think things through. Whether it’s planning for a significant promotion, rebalancing personal and career priorities, or deciding to take a whole new direction, we can help. We work with clients privately or within their organisations.


If you’re finding it hard to be the leader you aspire to be, we can help. When leadership becomes lonely, uncertain or all-consuming, Thinking Alliance can help you think through how to act for the best. We can also help you think together with your team about a clear vision for the future and how everyone’s different strengths can help get there.

What We Do

We want our clients to enjoy their work and their lives and to achieve success on their terms. Our coaching, workshops and consultancy help you and your team find the key ingredients to make that happen: clarity of thought and purpose, working with strengths, communicating well, and building resilience. Every engagement is a thinking alliance, working with your strengths and ours to find the right solution.

Coaching helps you make lasting changes in your work and life more quickly and confidently. Our coaching conversations give you the space to think clearly, explore possible solutions and make informed choices about the actions you take.

We’re very happy to take coaching outside, combining walking in the fresh air with fresh thinking. Bringing movement and nature to the coaching conversation can offer new perspectives to help resolve the issues you’re facing.

Our bespoke workshops help you and your team to think through how you can work better together. We focus on better communications, bringing the best out from each other, and getting the best from your day.

Our consultancy brings our thinking alongside yours, helping you to develop the vision and strengths your team and organisation already hold and achieve more by working better together.

Who we are

The Thinking Alliance is owned and led by Katie Driver, a Certified Business Coach™, and experienced trainer. Katie’s clients consistently say that her calm approach and clear insight helps to deepen their own thinking and improve the choices they make.

Thinking Alliance founder Katie Driver | Photo by B. Lydum

Our Associates are experienced business coaches who draw on professional careers and enable a wide range of clients to create better working lives.

I'm convinced that the key to a better working life lies in better thinking. I love it when clients work out what really matters to them and start thinking differently about what was holding them back - it releases an energy and excitement which is incredibly powerful.