Thinking together

Facilitation & Consultancy

You and your people know your organisation best. We help you unlock answers by establishing the questions that go right to the heart of the issue.

We love helping groups of people become more than the sum of their parts

By working with you to uncover the different strengths, experiences and ideas in your team, we can help you capitalise on their thinking, boost collaboration, and move ahead with purpose, enthusiasm and commitment.

We know it can be tricky when there’s a group of you trying to think something through together. We can help you with:

Facilitating events
& meetings

Work better together by building on everyone’s thoughts and ideas

& strategic thinking

Helping you think through, plan and deliver organisational change

“ Katie's unique, calm approach helps each member of the team better contribute to the overall vision and become more effective personally ”

CIC leader

Facilitating events & meetings

We can help you and your people think, imagine and plan collectively and figure out how to work better together on the things that matter most. We work hard to create spaces where everyone feels able to contribute and all perspectives are heard, valued and used to create new ways forward. We can:

  • Facilitate your important meetings so you can engage fully in the conversation without having to grapple with process and personalities at the same time
  • Lead off-site sessions, from light-hearted yet thought-provoking team gatherings through to focused conversations around purpose, values, strengths and ways of working

We can also take things outside, using some of the thought-provoking exercises from our Fresh Thinking walks to build connections, insights and commitment

“ Katie invested time and energy to understand not just the specific challenges that we are facing, but also the broader picture of our industry. In this way, she ensures her work is targeted to our needs and therefore maximises the chances of success. In addition to great business outcomes, Katie is a pleasure to work with! ”

Senior leader, professional services firm

Consultancy & strategic thinking

To deliver meaningful change for the people you serve in these complex and uncertain times, you need to capitalise on everyone’s thoughts and ideas. We can help you bring people together to explore the challenges ahead, draw out fresh ideas and establish priorities, and intentionally create an engaging and collaborative work environment where people apply their thoughts and strengths to the things that matter most.

Every assignment is tailored to your needs. We offer our thinking to bring out the best of yours. We help you create environments where great thinking happens more often, underpinning better actions and securing long-lasting change. Our support includes:

  • Focused conversations to bring clarity around core issues such as purpose, values and sustaining the behaviours which help people think and work well together
  • Longer assignments where we help you think clearly and collectively about where you are and where you want to be and why, make sense of what may help or hinder you, and help you work with your people to embed changes

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Thinking Alliance founder Katie Driver | 
Photo by B. Lydum