Thinking for yourself

Coaching Outdoors

Take your thinking to a different place. Restore your spirits, inspire creativity and gain fresh perspectives from being in nature. Walk and talk to get your thinking on the move.

Getting outside is a fantastic way

to expand your thinking!

Being in nature restores your connection with the world, replenishes your attention and inspires fresh thinking. Simply having a coaching conversation on a park bench helps you tap into the world beyond the workspace and put things into perspective as you plan what to do next.


Moving around helps expand your intelligence by thinking with your whole body, so a walk and talk session can take your thoughts even further! Naturally, we’ll talk beforehand about what you’re comfortable with and what to wear or bring so you have a safe and enjoyable experience. The green spaces we know best are in south-west London but we like exploring too!

Outdoor coaching

Shift your thoughts and actions
into a different space

Fresh Thinking Groups

Expand your thinking by
connecting with others

- “I felt safe, listened to, supported and believed. Katie has a nice manner – reassuring and supportive. Each conversation contained an “ah-ha” moment which has been really helpful for the period that came next.”

(Senior voluntary sector leader)

Outdoor Coaching

If you’re feeling stuck or can’t decide about the way forward, getting outside to come at things from a completely different angle often helps. And simply being in nature brings its own benefits, lifting your spirits and making it more likely you’ll take the action you’ve planned.


We can work entirely outdoors or blend some open space into a session or programme.

  • Take some or all of the coaching conversation outside. This is a great way to blend expansive thinking with focused planning and make some real headway. We can work entirely outdoors or blend some open space into a session or programme.
  • Think and plan across a bigger landscape with a half-day walking coaching session. Great for tackling big ‘life decisions’, you’ll have time to walk things through and really explore how you feel about the future.

Where would you like to take your thinking? 

“This really is a gift, this time to think.”

Charity senior leader (2020)

Fresh Thinking Groups

Solve your problems by tapping into the wisdom of others! Our Fresh Thinking Groups bring a handful of people together to walk and talk, reflect and connect. We use simple questions and non-strenuous tasks to help everyone explore and expand perspectives, share thoughts and ideas, and return refreshed and purposeful to the work that matters most.

  • Talk to us if you’d like to arrange a Fresh Thinking Group for colleagues or clients. It’s a great way for people to connect in person instead of online, perhaps doing some group problem-solving or working out the priorities for a new phase of work.

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Thinking Alliance founder Katie Driver | 
Photo by B. Lydum