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Thinking Environment® courses

The Thinking Environment helps spark and sustain rich, independent thinking. The sort of thinking that goes round corners, travels beyond anything we’ve considered before, and ignites deep commitment to future action. Explore how to create the conditions for this fantastic thinking, to get so much more from your conversations and meetings.

“ The quality of everything we do depends on the quality of the thinking we do first ”


Nancy Kline, Founder & President of Time To Think

To do better, we need to think better. The Thinking Environment suggests ten ways of being with each other which reliably improve the quality of independent thinking. Our courses help you explore these ten components and how to bring them to life in your conversations and meetings so you can spark better thinking.

The Thinking Environment is dynamic and courses are highly experiential, evolving as we think, work and learn together. You will have the chance to explore what it feels like to truly think for yourself and discover how you can create the conditions that support better thinking from those around you.

Transforming Meetings

Discover how to hold meetings that make the best use of everyone’s freshest thinking to tackle the most important topics

The Thinking Partnership

Explore how to become a Thinking Partner and discover how to create and sustain the conditions which generate independent thinking

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Each event is different, but the group will always be small and welcoming and you’ll have the chance to experience what it’s like to think, uninterrupted, about whatever is real and important to you right now. After that, we’ll see where the group’s thinking takes us each time!

“ This really is a gift, this time to think. ”

Charity senior leader (2020)

Transforming Meetings

If you’re tired of meetings where the same handful of people dominate a conversation which goes round and round in circles, this course is for you! You’ll explore how the Thinking Environment can transform your meetings by focusing the conversation on the most vital questions, actively including everyone and encouraging them to share and develop their thinking, welcoming and working with different perspectives, and crystallising next actions.

  • The Transforming Meetings course can be delivered virtually or face-to-face, over a full day or two half-days. The approaches you’ll explore are effective in any meeting context, whether virtual, hybrid or in-person.


  • You can join an open course or we can deliver this event in-house if you prefer. Contact us to explore what’s best for you.

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“ Working with Katie has been a career game-changer for me and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Beyond her wide range of technical skills, she is an engaging person who is extremely candid -- in the best and most helpful way possible. She is a creative thinker but also very solutions-focused and pragmatic. I've sent several other people her way who similarly want to develop themselves and benefit from her expertise ”

Career changing professional

The Thinking Partnership

If better actions emerge from better thinking, it makes sense to explore how we can generate independent thinking for ourselves and with other people. That exploration is at the heart of the Thinking Partnership course.

By discovering what it means to be a Thinking Partner, you will learn how to create and sustain the conditions which reliably allow another person to think independently, unblock old stories and assumptions which hold them back, and generate new thoughts and ideas which inspire fresh action. You’ll also become more aware of how you can think well for yourself and how to make that happen more often in service of your own problem solving and decision-making

  • This course is for anyone who wants to encourage better thinking! It’s particularly useful if you lead or mentor others and want to explore or extend your use of coaching approaches. Coaches wanting to add the Thinking Environment to their toolbox are also very welcome: this course is the first step towards becoming a qualified Time to Think Coach.

Next course: 23 & 24 May and 20 June (online). Contact us to find out more, book, or explore future dates.

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