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Coaching Outdoors

Coaching outdoors gives you an added boost by combining walking in the fresh air with fresh thinking.

Adding movement and nature to the coaching conversation can offer new perspectives and solutions to help resolve the issues you’re facing.

Research by Stanford University shows that walking stimulates creative thinking, which is perhaps why the Ancient Greeks, Leonardo daVinci, Steve Jobs and no doubt thousands of others have sought inspiration on the move. Furthermore, there’s evidence that experiencing moments of awe – perhaps watching a sunrise or looking up at an ancient tree – can stimulate curiosity and boost wellbeing.

Methinks that the moment my legs begin to move, my thoughts begin to flow

Henry David Thoreau

Coaching on a new dimension …

Coaching outdoors with the Thinking Alliance lifts the coaching conversation to a new dimension.  Whatever the weather, we can get outside and walk and talk things through.  An hour’s walk and a wrap-up over coffee will give you the inspiration and clarity necessary to create your better working life. 

Outdoor life coaching in London

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