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Coaching helps you identify and commit to the actions which lead to professional and personal success.

One-to-one coaching gives you the space to think things through and get clear on your next steps. Team coaching and facilitation can help you and your leadership team think together and plan how to capitalise upon each others’ diverse values and strengths for business success.

Coaching conversations aren’t like regular conversations. You get to think aloud, uninterrupted, so that you can uncover the ‘a-ha’ moments which lie at the end of a train of thought. Insightful questions and exercises deepen your clarity and self-awareness. You leave the conversation knowing what to do, with the confidence and motivation to do it.

I felt safe, listened to, supported and believed. Each conversation contained an “ah-ha” moment which has been really helpful for the period that came next.

(Senior voluntary sector leader)

Make better choices

Coaching helps you make better choices by being clear about your strengths, circumstances and what you want to achieve. You can review and re-frame assumptions which might otherwise limit your confidence and ambition. 

You can create or restore connections to your own purpose and values, explore ways to build better relationships with the people around you, and find the habits of thinking and action which sustain progress and growth.

Helpful at times of major challenge

Coaching can be especially helpful at times of major challenge such as promotion, redundancy or significant business expansion. Coaching gives you the space to think things through properly and commit to purposeful action. It is the antidote to feeling overwhelmed, stuck or stale.

Your preferences, strengths, values and ways of working will determine how the coaching relationship develops to secure the changes you seek. Personal reflections or information from psychometric tests and feedback can provide insights to draw upon if you wish. We will also work out how to make the most of the people around you to support the changes you seek, and which actions could held inform and anchor those changes.

Your private thinking space

If you’re ready to do some deep thinking and to commit to the actions you uncover, then coaching with the Thinking Alliance could help you bring about powerful changes. Unlike colleagues, peers, friends or family – however well-intentioned they may be – we can offer you an external sounding board with an independent perspective. 

Whether you come to coaching privately or through your employer, the Thinking Alliance can help.  Conversations are always conducted with complete discretion. 

If you’re ready to create a better working life, please get in touch >