How we help our clients achieve better working lives

The Thinking Alliance works with individuals and organisations who want to increase their thinking power, deepen their connection with what’s important personally and professionally, and establish the plans and habits which enable them to succeed and thrive.

We offer one-to-one coaching, workshops, facilitated events and consultancy. Our aim is to help you combine clear thinking about what you want to achieve with focused planning about how you will achieve it successfully by playing to strengths and building resilience.

Helping Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners achieve clarity

The entrepreneurs we work with are typically struggling with too much to do on too many fronts, whilst also procrastinating over decisions about business direction. Our small business clients are often adding leadership and communication challenges to that mix.

We help our clients achieve clarity of purpose, enabling them to see what’s important, set boundaries and become more decisive. We help emerging leaders understand their own strengths and preferences, and how to work with others to get the best results.

Enabling Professionals to progress their careers

Our professional clients want to make headway with the challenges of working in larger organisations. We help people prepare for promotion, build confidence and visibility as emerging leaders, or regain confidence after personal or professional setbacks.


We are happy to work with businesses or third-sector organisations wishing to arrange individual coaching or team workshops.  We also work privately with individuals wanting coaching conversations outside the work environment.

Supporting Leaders to thrive

The leaders we work with want to be authentic, successful and resilient. We help our leadership clients become more self-aware and better able to work in ways that enable the whole team to succeed.


Our clients include emerging leaders in large organisations, and those who are growing into leadership as their organisations grow with them.  We work one-to-one or with the leadership team to find the best way forward.