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If you can think better, you can be better
and create a better working life

Somewhere along the line, successful became stressful, and busy is becoming burnout. Life isn’t turning out how you expected and the way ahead seems more uncertain than ever. You know it’s time to make a change – perhaps you’ve already tried – but you realise you’re not clear what to do or how to do it.

One to one coaching with the Thinking Alliance gives you the space you crave to think things through and find the clarity, calmness and courage to make better choices.

As professionals with rich experience of large organisations and corporate culture, we understand the need for a safe, non-judgemental space for you to explore challenges and fears whilst also uncovering the strengths and purpose that will unlock the way forward.

Working with Katie helped me to put things in perspective, challenge my approach, and focus on taking positive and measurable steps to overcome concerns and sticking points. Thanks, Katie for your guidance and support!

BA, Senior Associate, Global Law firm

Going from strengths to strength

Thinking Alliance coaching combines thinking time with action based on your strengths.

  • Our coaching will always offer you the opportunity to go to the edge of your thinking so that you can gain the greatest insights. We can offer Thinking Environment ™ coaching if time to think is your absolute priority
  • We also want to make sure you can convert your precious thinking into purposeful action. Because people who use their strengths are more likely to achieve their goals, we can offer the CAPP StrengthsProfile to help you find your strengths and how to use them wisely.

Banner photo by Photo by Steve Wilson | citirecruitment55 (CC BY 2.0)

Tell me more

  • One to one coaching can be arranged privately or through your organisation.
  • We always begin with an introductory conversation. It’s a chance to get to know each other, explore the issues you’re grappling with, and work out whether we can help. If your organisation has particular requirements, we can go through those too.
  • We’ll suggest a way forward based on what seems right for you. If you already have a sense of where you’re going, perhaps all that’s needed is a one-off session to get your thoughts in order and jump-start your plans. For more challenging and uncertain points in your career, a coaching programme may be better, allowing you to (re)build your vision, identify your strengths, tackle the assumptions that might be holding you back, and commit to more resilient and purposeful ways of living and working.
  • With Thinking Alliance support, you’ll have the clarity and the strategies you need to focus on the work you love and enjoy life beyond work as well.