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If you can think better, you can lead better, finding the clarity, focus and resilience necessary for success

I found coaching sessions with Katie really beneficial. It is always useful to set aside time to reflect on issues and identify solutions. Katie helped me structure my thinking and held me to account.

(Head of Finance & Compliance, national non-profit organisation)

When you’re the leader, people look to you for direction. But sometimes you struggle to find a clear vision. Or perhaps you know what you want but find it hard to communicate well. And you’re aware that when you’re stressed and snappy, you don’t get the best from yourself or your people.


Thinking Alliance coaching gives you precious thinking time, helping you regain clarity and purpose about what you do, why you do it and how to take it forward. We can help you take focused action and sustain energy by working with the grain of your strengths whilst also resting wisely.


We can also help you bring out the best in your people. Our workshops help people think better together and develop motivating and successful ways of working by drawing on their varied strengths.

Helping you become a better leader

Leadership is challenging. To lead well, it’s vital that you find the clarity, energy and enthusiasm which sustain you as a leader and inspire those around you.   

In our experience, clarity of purpose brings with it the courage to take the tough decisions and work through the discomfort which comes with real change.  Thinking Alliance leadership coaching therefore prioritises time for you to think deeply and explore your values and mission.

We also know that purposeful action is what really makes the difference. People who use their strengths are more likely to achieve their goals, experience less stress and have higher vitality, so that’s why we also spend time helping you understand your strengths and how to use them wisely.

Our workshops offer a similar blend of thinking time and strengths-based action. People working from their strengths perform better and stay with organisations longer, making it more likely that your organisation will achieve or even exceed your goals.

In short, we aim to give you the space, skills and strategies you and your people need to do your best thinking and take successful action.

Company Intro

Banner Photo by highwaysagency | (CC BY 2.0)


If you’re ready to change the way you lead for the better, get in touch.  
  • We’ll start with a free introductory conversation.  It’s a chance to get to know each other, explore the issues you’re grappling with, and work out how we might help.
  • We’ll then suggest possible ways forward depending on what’s needed. Perhaps that might one-to-one coaching for you, a facilitated discussion with your leadership team, or a series of workshops with key people.
  • Our aim is to help you and your team to think and act better together so that you can combine better working lives with business success.