Our bespoke workshops help you and your team think through how you can work better together.

We help you to have better conversations, hold better meetings and create a better working day.

A better working life means holding better conversations, taking better decisions, and making better use of time and skills. So our workshops give you and your team the time to think together and agree how to improve the daily conversations that matter: how to work well with people who do things differently, how to give feedback, how to have good meetings. We can also look at productivity and task management and explore how the different strengths in the team can best be used to get the job done.

Whether 90 minutes or half a day, we include plenty of time for discussion and practical exercises to reinforce the expert input we provide.

From brainstorming to 1-on-1 coaching, Katie's unique, calm approach helps each member of the Wimbletech Team better contribute to the overall vision and become more effective personally

David Fletcher, Founder, Wimbletech CIC

Thinking Alliance workshops are tailored to meet the needs of your people and your organisation.

We help you to work out what would make the biggest difference to your team right now. Our workshops typically cover:

  • Better meetings – learn how to plan and structure meetings so that everyone can contribute and better decisions are reached
  • Better conversations – delve into communication preferences, thinking styles and listening skills for clearer and more effective conversations.
  • Better written communications – learn how to prepare and draft strategic documents to improve clarity and impact
  • Better working days – explore goal-setting and productivity strategies and how these can help you and your team work better together on the most important tasks.

Our workshops always include lots of opportunities to discuss and practice new skills and participants get practical advice that can be used right away.

Our workshops always include lots of opportunities to discuss and practice new skills and participants get practical advice that can be used right away.

Depending on the depth you want to go into, our workshops can be delivered in bite-sized chunks or as longer events, perhaps alongside some team-building activities or informed by a relevant psychometric tool. We might even go outdoors to bring in some fresh thinking!

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