September: Act now to achieve a great year!

September.  Remember the smell of new pencils and the feel of a crisp, new exercise book?  It’s time to make the most of that ‘new term’ feeling and set yourself up for the final months of the year.

Here are my tips to help you think, connect and commit in order to thrive at work during autumn.

Think: each day, give your brain the best chance to achieve great thinking.  That might mean having a good night’s sleep so you’re fully charged even as the mornings get darker, eating well to make sure your neurons are fuelled by the right nutrients, or carving out a few minutes quiet time to allow creative thoughts to develop.

Connect: each week, focus on one key relationship that will sustain you and help you progress.  Maybe you could seek a fresh start with a colleague at work over coffee, spend quality time with your partner or children away from electronic distractions, or get outside to connect with nature and build your immunity against colds.

Commit: decide what one thing you’d like to achieve by the end of the year, and commit to making it happen. Try breaking the task down into bite-size chunks, marking time in your diary for a focused burst each day, and sharing your goal with a friend or trusted colleague so they can help you keep on track.

You’ve got over 600 working hours between now and the start of winter’s festivities.  Use them wisely and you’ll be thriving as the year turns.

And if you’re struggling to find time to think, connect and commit in order to thrive, please get in touch as I’d love to help.

Katie Driver

Katie Driver is a certified business coach and experienced trainer and facilitator. Clients consistently remark that her calm approach and clear insight helps to deepen their own thinking and improve the choices they make.