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About Thinking Alliance

Coaching, workshops & consultancy to help you create a better working life

Why Thinking Alliance?

Katie Driver created the Thinking Alliance because she firmly believes that better thinking and better action go hand in hand to create better working lives. If we can think with clarity, calmness and courage, we can develop the sense of purpose and direction which drives focus and decision-making. And if we can act on the basis of our strengths and use our time well, we can create more fulfilling, enjoyable and productive lives.

Thinking Alliance engagements are led by Katie, bringing in Associates where appropriate.

life coach Katie Driver

About Katie Driver

Katie Driver is a certified business coach and experienced trainer and facilitator. Clients consistently remark that her calm approach and clear insight helps to deepen their own thinking and improve the choices they make. Katie adapts to each client’s needs, often drawing on her training in Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment™ and supplementing conversations where appropriate with psychometric tools.

Katie brings an independent and eclectic way of working, building on her experiences of Senior Civil Service leadership, entrepreneurship, portfolio working, volunteering and marathon running.  She is committed to diversity and inclusion and particularly enjoys helping fellow introverts play to their strengths. 

Katie is actively involved in her community in and around Wimbledon.  She is on the Governing Corporation of South Thames College, leads the Wimbledon DrivenWoman group and helps run mini-rugby at her sons’ local club.  Katie also loves running and trains for a marathon or ultra-marathon each year. She takes photographs along the way as occasional breathers; her pictures are used on this site.

life coach Cara Moore

Associate: Cara Moore

From confusion to clarity, Cara transforms people’s lives.  A professionally certified ICF coach since 2009, she is renowned for her clear insights and calm, caring approach.  An expert life and executive coach, she helps her clients set goals and objectives both at home and at work, and gives them the practical steps and encouragement to achieve them. Cara coaches in London and Chichester.

Associate: Karin Mueller

Karin is a certified executive development coach who enables professionals to enhance their leadership skills and progress their careers. Having worked in the corporate world for 16 years she brings a wealth of business and personal experience to her coaching practice.
Karin has an empathetic and pragmatic coaching style that empowers her clients to reach their goals. She coaches in both English and German.

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